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Valentines Day The Village Taverna Menu 2018

We Welcome you to book for Valentines Day 2018.

Our Valentines day menu begins at 4.00pm and continues into the night. 

*** Stop press!!! Music & Entertainment ***

If you would like to book a table for Valentines Day please book in advance.

As you are aware Valentines Day can be very busy and in order to provide a swift and good service to our clients avoiding long waiting times it would help if you choose your selections in advance to help us offer a very high standard of service.

Your cooperation will be much appreciated! Just select from our Main Menu.

This year you can enjoy your choices from our main menu at our everyday prices

Just select the cuisine you like from our Main Menu and scroll down to our Main Menu (which applies all days of the week).

The Village Taverna

42/44 West Street
SG12 9EE

Tel: O1920 468931

For information & updates: Mobile: Macis: 07882 455050

Or email:


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